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Every one of us has that special something that has been in the family for as long as we can remember. It could be an antique jar, a vase, or whatever. As far as we know they have been handed down from generation to generation waiting there patiently for the day that an auction decides how much it’s really worth.

Valuable items such as collectibles, antiques, and rare objects like heirlooms are a part of a country’s culture. They tell us what kind of people a certain place has and what kind lifestyle they had. These valuables are often times overlooked because of the influx of technology.

“SoWa” stands for “South of Washington (Street)” – a part of the South End once called “home” by an assortment of large mills and factories producing pianos, canned goods, shoes, and other items. By the 1950s, most of these businesses had moved out and artists moved in, carving studios, living space, and finally shops and galleries out of the mellow brick buildings. Many members from this flourishing arts community exhibit their creations at SoWa, which also features the work of other artisans throughout New England.

Every Sunday, a sea of white tents transforms the large parking lot on Harrison Ave in SoWa where the market takes place. Over 140 artisans and 50 antiques and collectibles vendors exhibit every week. Vendors and artisans change weekly, so you never know what you’re going to find. And when you find something that you love, you should buy it immediately since you never know if the artisan will be back the next week. (I learned this lesson the hard way.).

There are dealers, appraisers, and experts in every field that can help you get started. Attending auctions, antiques and collectibles shows, and online venues such as eBay are good places to do some research and see what you may be interested in.

There are a lot of benefits that can be derived from an auction, and both the person with the rare item and the treasure hunter of sorts can see it, especially when the stakes are getting higher at every bid. Owners that bring their rare collectibles and antiques to an auction are rewarded for their diligence in taking care of the items.

A favorite corner of SoWa Open Market is the area where local farmers and artisan bakeries display their bounty. Juicy summer fruits and berries glisten like jewels. As the summer goes on, incredible heirloom tomatoes and fresh-picked corn begin to appear. You’ll also find mouth-watering local cheeses such as chevre and smoked mozzarella. Buy a nice selection of these irresistible goodies, and you won’t have to wonder what to have for dinner.

As investors, we all have taken some very hard hits over the past year. But it does not have to continue. You can stop the bleeding today in your investment situation. Place your money in tangible collectible investments and go back to sleeping at night.

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