Why You Should Get A Happy Napper For You Little One

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Happy Nappers

Introducing the Happy Nappers Play pillow! The perfect play pillow for kids that magically reverses from their cozy home sweet home to a stuffed animal

What you do is unzip the secret door to wake them up then pull them out to transform into a cuddly crazy 21” play pal.
When the children wake up or are done playing with their Happy Nappers its time to give them a kiss and send them back to their Home Sweet Home.

Happy Nappers are great for trips and sleep overs and the kids just love their furry friends on them long trips to see grandma or sleeping over at their favorite friend’s house or for just napping together.  They make great gift ideas or as a birthday present

There are 6 Happy Nappers to choose from currently all with their own unique home. The sleepy doorbell for the Doghouse to Dog is a snore and then a bark to wake him up.


Every sound that each of the Happy Nappers make is unique to the type of animal it is. For example if it’s the cow you’ll get a moooo sound, if it’s the dog He’ll snore and then bark! You will love them too as much as the children. When it’s time to go to sleep they give them a hug and then magically transform into a soft pillow that makes them feel comfortable and fall straight to sleep.

You can get your child a Happy Nappers for around 20 dollars plus tax or 16 dollars for each additional one. Children love their Happy Nappers and so will you. Plus, Part of the proceeds goes to a great cause, The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation so you’ll be helping in many ways with the lovable Happy Nappers.

You can choose:
•    Dog House to Dog
•    Palace to Unicorn
•    Bungalow to Ladybug
•    Igloo to Penguin
•    Castle to Dragon
•    Or the ever popular Barn to Cow

So whether it’s a Dog House, Ladybug Bungalow, or a Cow to Barn there’s nothing like the Happy Nappers play pillow it’s the perfect nap pal for your little one.


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