What Should I Be Looking For In A Baby Carrier?

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All parents know that all baby carriers are not the same. Just like we have different needs, our babies also do. One that is perfect for a parent is not right for another. So, it’s important to get a good idea of the different kinds of baby carriers first and iron out your ‘must-haves’ for your next infant carrier. Lets get rolling.

There are carriers with different disadvantages and advantages. Find out which type and style works for you. Lets go through these one by one.

Tip: The baby backpack carriers are gaining in popularity these days.

1) Pouches

These carriers are simple and straightforward to use. They are two distinct types – adjustable and fitted. The advantages of this type of carrier are as follows.

– Availability in a variety of patterns and colors
– Very easy to learn to use
These are pretty inexpensive
– They are perfect to put one when you are in a hurry whether you are heading out for errands or for a short trip.
– Great for nursing the baby
– These are small in size so most diaper bags can easily fit these.

Some of the disadvantages that you should bear in mind regarding these are as follows.
– For longer periods carrying the weight of the baby on one shoulder can be tiresome.
– The fitted style carriers cannot be shared between users of different sizes

Tip: A lot of parents have started to use the ultimate baby wrap.

2) Mei Tai Carriers

These are of the traditional Asian variety. With this baby carrier you have the choice of wearing it on the front or the back. Carrying the baby around your hip is also possible with these. These carriers are simple in design – a small panel of cloth or fabric with the straps go over the shoulders and then around the waist. The weight is evenly distributed on your shoulders making it easy and comfortable to use.

These are a few of the advantages.

– Different variety of fabrics. You can go from trendy to fun to way out there
– The weight distribution over two shoulders helps with the carrying the heavier babies too
– The versatility provided through front use or as a backpack gives you many options.

There are a few disadvantages of these carriers.
– They aren’t as compact as pouches certain slings. So they might not fit into all diaper bags
– These carriers can only be used for the upright and not the cradle position for newborns
– The straps are pretty long so they could drag on the ground. In a nutshell, dont do this in a wet area or where you think it’ll get dirty.

Tip: Read as many baby carrier review pages as you can before you buy one.

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