What Is An Assher Cut Diamond?

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What do you know about diamonds? Even if you have not seen or touched one, you would at least know a thing or two. A diamond is forever. A diamond is a woman’s best friend. These two sayings, at least, you might have seen or heard. But as for the technical definition, a diamond is that extremely hard crystalline form of carbon that is normally colorless and is used in gemstones. It is the hardest natural mineral substance known to man. But on a more personal note, if somebody gives you a diamond ring, you must be very special. Unlike in the past, the diamond jewelries are becoming more affordable and colorful. And they come in all sorts of shapes too such as round, princess, emerald, asscher and many more. Among these, the asscher cut diamond proves an excellent choice for engagement rings. The asscher cut possesses a unique beauty with its square shape and trimmed sides that looks more like an octagon. It also resembles the emerald cut, although it is square and more brilliant.

The best thing about this cut is that it can lure the viewer to the diamond and make them focus on its clarity. And since clarity is a critical component, then you have to see to it that when you look for asscher cut engagement rings, you should aim to find the one with the highest quality clarity. Through this, you and the one you are thinking of giving this to, would be able to experience the magic of the assher cut; Further it is believed that this diamond cut exhibits properties that can encourage action, enhance passion and draw energy. In addition, it has been known to help seal relationships for long. So with this kind of engagement ring, nothing can go wrong.

If you are in the market today to find such amazing gem, you can take pleasure from knowing that the online market is a potent source. Go online to find diamond stores and you would be surprised with the wide range of options available. When the myriad of choices overwhelms you, then find time to do your homework. It might help to source out a store that provides its diamonds at a cost similar to wholesale diamonds. Also remember that discounts abound online. Make good use of this convenient method in searching far and wide for reputable suppliers. But don’t forget that you also have the four C’s to learn more about. Try to learn about cut, clarity, carat and color prior to making any diamond purchase. You will find out later why it really makes sense to become informed.

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