What Are the Reasons Most Dads and Moms Opting for Foam Crib Mattresses For Their Baby?

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When you’re going through the process deciding on a mattress for an infant’s crib, it’s very crucial that you know the key safety indicators to look out for. Your baby will be on the mattress at a point when their bones are at their softest and growing and developing faster than at any other time of their life. They need the best support a mattress will give to allow their growing bodies the opportunity to grow without any problems or harm.

Infants will spend up to 70% of their time on the crib mattress and babies will log about 50% of their time on the mattress, not just sleeping but perhaps sitting up and playing or waiting for mom or pop to get them out of bed.

The 3 standards for a quality foam mattress for your infant are density, firmness, and resiliency. The density of a mattress makes a contribution to its weight and firmness. A dense mattress provides more of the needed and counseled support.

Firmness is number two on the list of items to look for. If it does not offer resistance when you press your hand onto it, it is not suitable for baby. One of the suggestions to prevent the phenomenon known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is to guarantee the mattress your baby is sleeping on is firm. So while some adults like soft mattresses for themselves and may think it’ll make the baby more content, it’s very crucial that you don’t select a soft mattress for your baby.

Another very important reason why you want a firm mattress is to avoid suffocation. If a baby ends up on his stomach at night and face down, many times they don’t have the strength to lift their head. If the mattress is too soft, their face can sink down into the mattress and prevent them from having the ability to breathe.

The third factor to consider is resiliency. Foam mattresses offer better resilience than a non foam mattress. Foam will regain its shape faster once the weight of the baby has been removed from the crib. They also seem to keep their original shape and properties over time allowing them a longer lifetime. This allows moms and dads to use the same crib mattress for their other kids.

Before making a final selection on a mattress, I highly recommend that you also read thru crib mattress reviews submitted by other dads and moms. They give you a lot of great understanding of the true quality and safety of a mattress that you can’t get otherwise. Learn from their experience before making your purchase.

Colgate Classica I Foam crib mattress and the Sealy Soybean Foam-Core crib mattress are 2 of the top rated foam mattresses. They both have received excellent reviews. You can read a comprehensive analysis of these and other top rated crib mattresses at the website CribMattress-Reviews.com. There you’ll get feedback from parents that own these mattresses and their viewpoints on the quality of each mattress.

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