Ways To Deal With Post Natal Depression

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Postpartum depression also known as post natal depression is a very common clinical condition in women which occurs post child birth. It is estimated that nearly 5 to 25 % of women experience it. The symptoms of post natal depression includes sadness, fatigue, anxiety, crying episodes, reduced libido, irritability and disrupted sleep pattern. These conditions usually occur for few months after child birth however, in some cases it may extend for over a year or more. The good news is that post natal depression can be easily treated with the right kind of approach like support group and counseling.

To help a woman cope with post natal depression friends and family can play a very crucial role. The symptoms of postpartum can go unnoticed by family members and friends as sometimes they are unable to fathom the reason behind the change in behavior and mannerism. Few women loose interest in eating and loose excessive amount of weight leading to depression and low self esteem. This can have a damaging effect on the mother as well as the child since a nursing mother has to take proper care of her diet.

Family members must be sensitive and should take proper care of their diet. The diet must be rich in protein, iron and vitamins. Eating rich and nutritious food can be a real booster to the body as good health can help deal with any kind of mental condition. Also, a mother who is experiencing Post natal depression should be expressive about her feeling to someone who she considers as close. She should also take care of herself and her diet. Prepare healthy food and explore food options which can benefit your health and that of the baby. Drink enough water throughout the day to keep hydrated and replenished. Ensure that there is regular supply of drinking water in the kitchen. Get in touch with plumbers in Henderson for regular supply of clean drinking water in the kitchen. To eat nutritious and healthy diets prepare food which is baked in the oven. Call the well know Henderson electricians for regular maintenance of all the electrical appliances in the kitchen. At the same time there should be a good system of ventilation in the kitchen. This may be done by installing a roof ventilator. The trusted roofers in Henderson can be called for the installation of roof ventilators.

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