Using Party Printables To Stretch Your Party Budget

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If you’re a parent, you’re most likely aware that your children really like theme birthday celebrations. I’ve personally seen over the years that the choices for my children’s party themes are partly due to their ages and partly formed by the influence of their buddies. I guess it’s simply a behavioral instinct to follow the crowd, therefore they like what they observe on the television or that their buddies like. You know how it can be; when one particular child has a pirate birthday bash, they all would  like to have one. I discovered quickly that the most effective thing to do is submit and give them the sort of party they really want. They’re more comfortable and therefore so am I! That’s in part because it keeps peace in the house but also because I know I’m establishing memories that they will have for life.

As my spouse and I had more kids, however, I noticed that it does get expensive to give involved theme get togethers. So because I’m a designer as well as a crafts person, I came up with party printables, such as cupcake toppers, birthday party hats, banners and invitations, that I can very easily print and employ when needed. And now I provide some of those images free of charge to just about anyone who would like them on the Web.

To utilize the images to best effect, use these simple points:

  • There are lots of party printables available on the Web at the moment, in addition to mine. Consequently, you can find very specific printables any time you do a Web search for them. You can even find free designs as specific as graduation cupcake pick templates, free printable place cards or summer party invite templates. Be certain to include quotations around the terms if you want your search results to be very focused. That will save you some time and effort.
  • Printable invitations and cupcake toppers require moderately heavy cardstock, the heaviest your printer has the ability to tackle. Birthday party hats, however, can be produced with traditional printer paper, although it needs to be the type that takes toner well. Ink printed on normal bond will often look washed out.
  • Make sure your printing device is well-stocked with ink or toner before printing images. That will help you get even ink coverage. If you don’t plan to print at home, the local office supply retailer or digital printing company can do it, as can on-line scrapbooking or photo printers.
  • You can trim birthday party hats with scissors, but I wouldn’t encourage that method for cupcake toppers or party invitations. Cupcake toppers are best cut with circular image cutters, though, you can also position a cutting board underneath the toppers, and use a really sharp art cutting knife to cut all around a glass that fits the size of the cake toppers.

If money is really limited, you may want to give a group bash together with other parents that have children with birthdays around the same period. This way you can divide  the work plus the financial outlay. Further, it will make it very festive because there will be a large number of people. You might also think about preparing the cake or cupcakes yourself. Not surprisingly, because I create cupcake toppers I’m partial to cupcakes. They’re uncomplicated to make and frost, and don’t require anything close to the work of a cake. The cupcake toppers make sure they look fancy, this means you don’t need to go over the top with shopping for anything additional to have them look wonderful.

Don’t forget, it’s definitely not necessary to expend lots of money on kids birthday parties to have them be a day your boy or girl will always remember. And if you involve your children in the plans, you’ll teach them budgeting skills, teamwork and how to be inventive when they throw their own unique events one day!

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