Toys – A Vital Component Of Baby Growth

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Toys are an important component of kids’ childhood.Generally, new born infants, after attaining an age of 3-4 months, start getting attracted to toys.Modern toys not only provide an enriching fun filled experience, but also incorporate learning and knowledge.As a parent, it is vital to consider which toys should be bought for your baby.Modern technology has made toys extremely attractive and they are available in different forms. However, some of them are pretty much expensive.The toy combinations that your baby will simply love are depicted in this article.

Blocks of different shapes, sizes and colors are available in different formats.Such building blocks teach the baby identification of different colors and shapes, and also sharpen his hand eye co-ordination.Building toys also teach the infant the concept of building or stacking.Small puzzles can be thrown at the baby to test his IQ development – for example, parents can ask the baby to pick out three blue blocks, or build a triangle with three dissimilar blocks.

Musical toys hold a unique attraction among all babies.Modern day musical toys consist of several features and are designed so as to play customized inbuilt music.Musical toys and instruments allow the baby to understand rhythmic beats and expose him or her to music at an early stage.Today, toy pianos, drums, guitars etc. are widely available with different tunes.Nowadays, music with video toys are also available which are all the more attractive.The Baby Einstein Around The World Discovery Center is a product worth considering, that enables your infant to listen to DVD music, while exposing him or her to real life sounds and animals around the globe.

Rattles are perhaps the cheapest toys available in the market.Wood, plastic and cloth rattles are available in the market.Rattles are generally brightly colored and make a fair amount of sound when shaken, which attracts the baby.Rattles are also the best stimulant for the eyes and ears of the baby.Furthermore, when milky teeth are developing, infants have a habit of attempting to chew each and everything they can lay their hands on.Rattles do not harm the baby’s gums in such cases as they are made up of soft material.

Baby books are a good option for infants approaching their first birthday.Books are available in the market that teaches fruits, letters, animals etc. via pictures and fun text.For babies approaching 2 years of age, such books are effective in introducing the number system.

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