Tips For Creating Do-It-Yourself Party Invitations

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Party-givers have access to a tremendous selection of printable invitations these days. It seems like no matter what the occasion, there are an unbelievable number of free digital invitations you can print at home. There are, of course, plenty of the more mainstream variety, such as printable anniversary invitation templates. But there’s also a huge selection of invitations you can get free for very specific party types. For instance, printable pink wedding invitations, shabby chic bridal shower invitations and many others.

Printable invitations are usually fairly easy to prepare if you have access to a word processing program, like MS Word, Open Office or AbiWord; or a publishing program, like Microsoft Publisher. Simply paste the invitation image into the software, make it the size you want and print it out. But as basic as that is, there are some subtleties it pays to be aware of when making the invitations. The following tips will help you understand those subtle elements and make the most out of free invitation art:

  • If you’re using word processing software program, use tables or text boxes to get two or more invitations on the page. This will save you both card stock and time. (Using a table is the easier method. If you’re not acquainted with using text boxes or tables, read the help menu of your word processing software program.) Be sure to butt a minumum of one at least one side of one invitation to the other, so you can eliminate one cut.
  • When cutting the invitations, using a paper cutter is your best bet. If you don’t have one, you can get them cut inexpensively at a local instant print shop, copy center or office supply store. If there isn’t a store with a paper cutter in your area, another approach is to use an X-acto knife, ruler and a cutting board. And if all else fails, you can use scissors. If you go that route, draw light pencil lines first, so you’ll see where you should cut. If you don’t think you’ll be able to cut straight, you might try using patterned scissors to create a decorative edge that will hide flaws.
  • Once the invitations are cut out, you might want to take the extra step of embellishing them. You’ll find a vast array of suitable decorations at your neighborhood craft store. These include die cut paper embellishments, silk flowers, rhinestones and many other types of additions. You can also use glitter glue or dimensional paint to customize the invitations. Be careful with this, however, because this is one area that less is truly more. You might try using the glue or paint on only the highlights, not the main areas of the design. And it’s a good idea to have extra invitations, so you can experiment until you get the best look.

I hope these tips will help you get the most out of any free printable invitations you plan to make. Have fun making them!

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