Tips For Creating A Classy And Cost-effective Baby Shower

March 11 2011No Commented

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Even though the current economic conditions are strained, people are just as interested as ever in throwing memorable baby showers for their friends. The key to doing this in a slow economy is to save money on aspects that won’t be noticeable. There’s no reason that can’t begin with the free baby shower invites and include the decorations and any scrapbooks created to commemorate the event.

One of the means to do that is to use good baby shower clip art. Often there are cool images available on the web for no charge. Just search for “free baby shower clip art,” plus the type of image you want. For instance, if you’d like baby boy clip art, type those words or some variation. That will work with almost any baby shower theme you can think of, although the more obscure the concept, the less likely it will be that you’ll get enough good search results. If when you search you can locate images that have high resolution, you’ll be able to use the images in a variety of ways. The reason for that is that you need high-resolution images for print pieces, such as invitations or decorations. You certainly wouldn’t want to use low-resolution images because the end result won’t be clear. That would, of course, be unacceptable for the invitation or decorations for this special day.

But clipart isn’t the only baby art resource you can find free online. There are also many sites that present free digital baby scrapbooking paper. A number of talented designers give away no-charge versions of their baby shower scrapbook page designs to promote scrapbook designs they sell or to get people to come to pages that display advertising. Use of either model means they have financial incentive to offer free scrapbooking papers and embellishments. Either way, you win! The themes for these are almost as numerous as there are stars in the universe, so that means you’ll probably be able to make shower invitations and decorations from them if you can’t find suitable clip art. Themes can be about anything, from fun to retro and vintage to luxurious. Retro baby art is all the rage right now, so you might want to do a search for vintage baby scrapbook embellishments. A mother-to-be who loves this kind of art would probably be so pleased to have it as her shower theme!

It goes without saying that all the clip art, scrapbook papers and embellishments can also be used to preserve baby shower memories forever in a baby shower scrapbook that would make an excellent gift for the mom-to-be. This means the time you spend looking for images will pay off over and over, and give the mom a baby shower with memories she’ll treasure.

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