The Necessity Of A Snell K2005 Approved Go Karting Helmet

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No one should ever be so silly as to go out on a go kart without a good quality, credible safety helmet, designed and certain to provide maximum protection in the event of a crash, even when not significant. I will not emphasize enough the absolute importance of such a helmet and the necessity to wear it at all points when you're driving or racing your go kart. To neglect this is folly of the highest order and exposes you to significant possibility of injury and even death. I'm conscious of the fact that karting is a very preferred sport but by its very nature is threatening and therefore each care must be brought to decrease the danger of injury.

I felt it vital to make this lengthy introduction and hope that all ambitious karters will take this information into account each time you step into a kart. Never, ever go without a helmet, even though you don't intend to race or travel at great speed; there is always the danger of the kart overturning or somebody else bumping into you. Given this I recommend that you wear a helmet that meets with all the safety laws and criteria; one which may resist heavy impact and still offer you maximum protection. Why put yourself on trouble of any sort when such a straightforward care can supply you with the protection you require.

These helmets customarily carry a seal of approval suggesting that they go along with current specifications and can be worn with a high level of confidence. There should be some identifying mark that distinguishes them as being a cut above the rest and if you've got any doubt ask the retailer regarding the quality of the helmet and whether there's a guarantee of quality. Never put yourself in peril wearing a below-standard helmet.

One such helmet that comes strongly recommended is the ARAI SK6 karting helmet . In reality I'd be OK with any of the helmets in the Arai range e.g. the Chaser, the Quantum or the RX-7GP. The Sk6 is among the latest generation karting crash helmets and is totally approved for karting and is acceptable for all MSA events. They are scratch resistant and have changeable visors. They can be gotten in all sizes from little to XL and are fully assured and advocated by all of the topical safety authorities and by the BKIA. They aren't inexpensive but they represent the best in quality, design and protection. Do you think about your life or that of a loved one to be worth investing this sum of money in?

Each helmet has a complex laminate construction with enhanced hyper ridge shell buttressing. There is a multi-density inner shell with a larger opening to make it more straightforward to put on or take off. It has a 4 point inlet/exhaust ventilation system and has a dual inlet chin vent. 2 bigger ventilation slots at the rear are covered by a DDL duct. The visor is 3mm thick and there is an enhanced visor pivot kit for better aerodynamics and better visor operation. The lining is made from cleanable Coolmax nylon and the helmet is Snell K2005 approved.

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