The Latest Fad In Party Themes Is Definitely The Denim And Diamonds Party

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Denim and Diamonds is a term that describes a party where you can dress down and be casual but in a designer fashion. This party theme works superbly for birthdays, anniversaries, marriages and even large scale fundraising events.

If your next gathering is going to have a Denim and Diamonds party theme, here are the Top 5 things you have to do to make your party a stirring success.

  • Use plenty of creative party lighting to match diamonds
  • Get party-goers in the mood by sending out Denim party invitations with a hint of bling
  • Have handy masses of Denim and Diamonds Party Favors and decorations
  • Insist that guests participate in your theme by wearing Denim and Diamonds themed party clothes
  • Infuse the theme into your menu and cocktails by mixing cocktails with carbonated drinks so they glint

You can accomplish an attractive denim and diamonds party lighting scheme, with some very simple tools. White holiday lights that twinkle and a reflective disco ball hung from your ceiling will provide fascinating diamond like reflections across your party space. Candles may also be used when placed in mirrored or crystalline reflective candle holders placed strategically thru out your abode.

Invitees will be so excited for your big event when you get them in the mood early with Denim and Diamond invitations. Denim-like paper or real denim glued over a robust paper will provide a casually glamorous background to words spelled out with crystal beads. No time to build your own invitations, no worry. There are tons of invites available in party super stores or online to fit your denim fancy.

Denim and diamond party presents and decorations are an absolute must. Think western with a giant dose of glitz. Anything western or cowboy themed like cowboy boots, western posters, branding irons and spurs can be accents with crystals, sparkling garland or maybe string lights. Glitter coated party cowboy hats or crystal studded bandannas will make for banging party favors as well as decorations when your guests are not wearing them.

Attire worn by guest should carry the Denim and Diamonds theme and include what else, but denim and well diamond-like accessories. A denim jacket, shirt, skirt or jeans coupled with a bling scarf, necklace, belt or belt buckle or even boots are easy strategies for your guest to take part in your theme. Bling can come in a host of colors from colors of blue to gold and silver.

Cocktails and mocktails(non alcoholic cocktails), for the designated drivers at the party, can also have a sparkling appearance to coincide nicely with the Denim and Diamonds Party theme. Champagne isn’t the sole beverage which has to have sparkling diamond-like bubbles. Mix blue Curacao with sparkling lemon lime soda for a cool effect. You can also find speciality cocktail or martini glasses that light up. Also available at bargain stores are freezable man-made ice cubes that light up any cocktail in which they are added. Menu selections can be western themed. Make it simple and order up a big order of Buffalo Wild Wings to treat your visitors. Whether spiced and hot or mild and sweet, wings are a party treat enjoyed by all.

Hosting a denim and diamonds party can be a blast, just let your imagination run wild and do not be scared to get artsy with supplies that you already have on hand. Remember, best mates, delicious food, upbeat music and great times are the most significant ingredients for any memorable party.

Cherie Lanza is a professional party planner working in the western US. She concentrates on planning and organising unique theme parties. If you are organizing a denim and diamonds party and need assistance with anything including information on the best denim and diamonds party decorations you are prompted to head to the site and learn more.

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