The Joy Of Fostering A Child

March 28 2011No Commented

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My sister is one happy lady just lately, in fact I don’t think that I have ever seen this content. Her name is Paula and she is somebody that deserves every success in life, she is a true inspiration to me and my family. Paula was informed, four years ago, that she would never become a mother of her own child for reasons that I am not 100% sure about.

This was an obvious disappointment to her and her husband Pete but they are both extremely positive thinking people and they were soon back to their positive ways – and this is why I feel that they both deserve to be happy because they think in what I believe to be the correct way. Paula has a saying that she often refers to, especially when things do not go her way: what will be, will be. I certainly need to adopt a similar approach as I am the worrier of the family!

About three years ago Paula and Pete announced to the family that they were thinking of fostering a child and enquired as to how we all thought about this option. We were all very much behind them and supportive of their decision and we were all excited about the prospects.

The fostering process was far from a quick one however they were eventually introduced to Katy – Katy is now their eight year old foster daughter. As you can probably imagine my sister and her husband are extemely thrilled at what they consider to be their second chance. They received the standard training for foster carers which they were very impressed with.

And what about Katy? Well she is a cheeky young girl and is gaining in confidence each and every day. All three of them are enjoying the family way of life.

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