The Importance Of Remembering Retired Soldiers

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Late every May the patriotic season begins in America with Memorial Day and goes on to November, when we honor those who served in U.S. wars on Veterans Day. There are also other patriotic holidays during that period, such as Flag Day in June, the Fourth of July and Labor Day in September. Those would be considered the primary patriotic holidays but there are also some that are lesser-known. The first, Armed Forces Day, actually falls before Memorial Day. Then in September we have Patriot Day and Citizenship Day, followed by United Nations Day in October.

Most Americans take the major patriotic holidays seriously, as well as some of the minor ones. This is probably partially due to the fact that so many people have veterans in their immediate families, or at least have some relationship to people who served in the U.S. armed forces. For them, these particular holidays are personal. That’s why there’s a growing tradition of using vintage patriotic postcards or Memorial Day graphics to send greetings that pay homage to veterans when each Veterans Day comes around. Sending a remembrance like a card to a retired soldier can make a world of difference to a veteran who might think his or her service to our country has been forgotten.

This especially applies to soldiers returning from Iraq. They have experienced some true horrors and should be given our thanks for enduring that on our behalf. After all, Veterans Day isn’t a popular, joyful celebration like the Fourth of July, so you wouldn’t blame veterans for thinking their countrymen don’t care. In many cases, no one was waving American flags when they returned. And people don’t usually throw parties for Veterans Day either. That’s probably because most people don’t want to remember sad things.

It would probably be better to express our appreciation every time we run across a retired veteran. That way they’ll know they’re appreciated all year-round, not just on Veterans Day. That small remembrance can mean a lot to someone who has served their country but feels forgotten.

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