The Immense Joy Of Becoming A Mother Explained

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In this article I will be writing about my sister’s quest to have a baby – you may think that this is some what bizarre however my sister, who is called Annie, had major problems in conceiving and there were many a time when she and her husband (Ron) believed that there must be something physically wrong with one or both of them. They are now the proud parents of baby Chloe and therefore this article has a happy ending – I therefore hope that it will prove to be an inspiration to those of you out there who are also finding it hard to become pregnant.

My sister and Ron became husband and wife after courting (dating) for 7 years. This was nine years ago and it was very evident that to complete the “family jigsaw”, so to speak, that they would have loved to bring a new born baby into the world.

Two years after becoming married the pair of them were becoming some what frustrated at the lack of luck etc. During one evening out together Annie spoke of her desire to become a mother, about the fact that she believed that she and her husband would make good loving parents and about her frustrations of not being able to conceive.

They went to seek help by way of a consultant gynaecologist and went through all of the usual type of medical tests. They were informed that everything physically was fine for each of them and that there should be no reason as to why a baby should not be forthcoming sometime in the future.

Another two years later and still no joy – so as you can imagine the frustrations began to build. They then went to an egg donation clinic to look into this option – they also thought about fostering.

But finally, last year, the great news arrived that Annie was pregnant – she and Ron were extremely happy as they continue to be today.

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