The Account of Mechanic Sewing Machines

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Not to many people have utilized the sewing machine to sew, even though the ability to sew has been around for thousands of years.Did you know that initially needles were made from the bones and horns of dead animals until the iron needle was finally created back in the 14th century?Numerous creators have produced their very own version of a device that performs sewing.The sewing machine that is used today can be credited to a German man named Charles Weisenthal, which in 1755 was awarded the very first patent for inventing the sewing machine very similar to what we use today.On the other hand though, there is much talk and debate about his creation since people never really saw his invention and it is not even proven that he actually invented it all by himself.

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In 1790, thirty five years later, an English man, named Thomas Saint, was presented with a patent for his creation of a sewing machine, even though it had several differences than the one that we use today.Soon after that many people attempted to recreate his sewing machine but simply could not do it.As the years passed, many attempts were made by European inventors to invent a machine that people would be able to use for sewingHowever, several of those European inventors failed at their attempts.Since their attempts were thought of as failures, they were quickly forgotten by the people.

Finally, in 1830 the very first sewing machine that was confirmed to work was invented by Barthelemy Thimonnier, who was French, the machine he had created operated with a needle and one thread.Barthelemy Thimonnier lived in danger due to his invention of the mechanical sewing machine  and he actually had his factory burned down because the hand sewing tailors in the area sensed that they would lose their jobs as hand sewers.

Isaac Singer on the other hand started producing his very own creation of the mechanical sewing machine and started selling it with the name “Singer”Still to this very day Singer exists and is still producing sewing machines.Even as this was going on, Isaac was in a constant dispute over a patent with Elias Howe, who was another inventor of a sewing machine.The battle ended with the patent being awarded to Howe and Isaac Singer was required to shell out money for patent infringement.

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Today there are many manufacturers of sewing machines around.The Singer Corporation which was created in 1851 by Isaac Singer himself, with the help of his lawyer, is the largest sewing machine manufacturer today.

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