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Have A Great Valentine’s Day 2012

February 19 2012No Commented

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most significant holidays of the year for people in relationships all around the planet. A lot of people say this particular day was made up by the greeting card companies to sell more cards. But this holiday can be followed back to days of Chaucer. In those days, the […]

When Hazardous And Heavy Drinking Leads To Serious Health Problems And Marital Issues, Sexuality Problems, Affairs, And Divorce

June 27 2010No Commented

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For more than a few years alcohol dependency exploration has revealed the fact that there is strong linkage between alcoholism and dangerous health conditions and mental health issues such as depression. For example, in 2005, medical investigation and alcohol abuse and alcoholism statistics demonstrated the fact that that alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction cost the […]

When Your Drinking Is Causing Problems In Your Life That Can Lead To Family And Home Problems

June 20 2010No Commented

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How do you recognize that you have a problem with your drinking? When is it obvious that you are engaging in abusive drinking? If you have unsuccessfully struggled to stop drinking or if you have given your word to yourself that your drinking days are terminated and then you recognized that you were drinking excessively […]

How To Keep Your Marriage Healthy

March 29 2010No Commented

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Marriage is a great institution created by God to help you live your life in a beautiful way. Being married ties you to a person in a very unique way. When a couple first gets married enjoying this relationship is easy. It is natural for the couple to love doing things together and spending time […]

Get Your Ex Back – A Few Good Tips To Get You Started

March 20 2010No Commented

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I want to get my ex back! During our short lives, that is something we will all (well nearly all) say. The painful truth is…very few will get what they want. Almost all of us will do the wrong thing at the wrong time. We make silly move after silly move, hoping to get back […]