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New Year’s Eve Parties For The Budget Minded

December 24 2011No Commented

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New Year’s Eve is traditionally celebrated on the last day of the Western calendar year, December 31st. People around the globe flock to parties, events and social gatherings to celebrate the annual occasion and it is common to be in the mindset that you will partying until dawn as you commemorate the end of the […]

Santa Letters; Cherished Christmas Memories

September 15 2011No Commented

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Is it time for those Santa letters to be written? About that time in November or December that children start talking about Rudolph, reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas and the North Pole is when they start asking, “Can we write our Santa letters now”? Santa letters are one of those cherished Christmas memories of childhood. Do […]

Telling Fibs About Liking Xmas Presents Fools Nobody

November 22 2010No Commented

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It is part of the traditional Christmas procedures. You unwrap the Christmas jumper that your Grandma has spent the last month knitting for you or the socks that are the same design as the ones you received last year and you smile sweetly and say thank you very much, I really like this. No matter […]

Picking Out And Placing X-Mas Ornaments

November 2 2010No Commented

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Christmas is the distinctive occasion when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and relatives get together to swap Christmas gifts. There is nothing like seeing the face of a youngster brighten as they unwrap the one gift they were wanting to receive. In the meantime, mother is taking photographs, while grandma videotapes the joyous […]

Getting The Right Tree For Your House This Christmas

September 23 2010No Commented

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  You couldn’t realistically enjoy Christmas with out having a Christmas tree in your home.  There is nothing like gathering around the tree with your family at Christmas and opening presents.  Just think how happy your wife would be as she opens an engraved gift by the tree or as your kids open this years […]