Survival Tools- Paracord Bracelet & Fire Piston

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Every household wants to maintain a survival kit, which comes handy, god forbid, in any emergency or disastrous situations, that we get suddenly confronted with at times. These survival kit will enable us to handle a disaster in an efficacious manner . If there is anything that needs to be replaced it must be for after all they are survival kits and must be in top condition. This kit must also have provision for indoors and outdoors disaster management paraphernalia. it is quite useful in many types of disasters and have proven track record. It is a woven bracelet made of parachute cord. These come in many fancy woven designs and colors and not to forget in varied sizes. They love it too for they know that if required this survival kit will actually come to their rescue . Its so beautiful that it can be called a survival kit ornament .


When you wear a Paracord bracelet, you are not only beautifying your wrist, you are also ensuring your safety, while indulging in any outdoor sports or adventure. It is quite easy to maneuver. If there has been an eventuality where you have had to use it, you can thereafter send it back to the company to rewind it. They will weave it back into a Paracord bracelet for you. Will look good there too and when worn around the wrist.


For those who know no fear , this is an additional moral and physical support if required . With this survival kit you can camp and park your vehicle just about anywhere in the dark.   A wet or moist match box will never light no matter how hard you may try to ignite. If you remember the  stone age people use to have a formula for lighting a fire  as they did not know about matchbox then If you have to make fire you will not be able to for your matchbox would have got wet. The fire piston is your best friend even in extreme climate and adverse circumstances. It promises to give you fire when you want and where you want it.


Your nights will never be dark now . Just a handful of companies are producing this miracle tool meant to help you survive in any kind of circumstances. This is the reason that you may not be able to come across a variety of these. The performance is par excellence and that’s why the price that it comes at does not pinch .

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