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There are hundreds of reasons that people make scrapbooks and each scrapbook made has its own theme. Some choose events like graduations or marriages, others make them as gifts with the purpose to convey certain feelings such as happiness or sympathy, while others decide to make books to celebrate occasions, such as birthdays or inviting in a new member of the family.

Whatever the occasion is, you can always add in a quote on any of the pages. A quote that has been scrupulously selected and placed in just the right spot can truly add to the flavor of your scrapbook.

But how do you know where to find and when to select the right scrapbooking quotes?

In my many travels, I have come across some inspirational and thought provoking quotes that have been wonderfully phrased and have actually managed to capture the sensation of the speaker in a succicnt and meaningful way.

I have come across these in films, while watching speeches, reading books and on the Internet. Whenever I come across a profound quote, I jot it down and keep it for later on where I add it into my special scrapbooking quotes book for later .

This book comes out when I’m making a scrapbook and wish to use a quote to add to the feeling of my current scrapbook.

In my book, I have divided the sections up into happy, sad and general thoughts. I have then subdivided the sections into more concrete feelings, for example happiness, success, accomplishment, sadness, loss and the like.

Whenever I need a quote for a particular occasion, I open my book, flip to the section which has the emotion I would like to project. I then decide on the quote thats perfect for the page.

I am hoping you have made a decision to start your own scrapbooking quotes book, I’m of the opinion that mine has served me well over the years and its about time to start a second one.

Good luck and contented scrapping!

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