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My niece is going to be Eight years old at the end of August. This is actually The worst period of the year for the Eighth years old to have a birthday celebration.
The end of August are the end of great summer time vacation and I don’t forget that I used to get little depressed in the last few days of the month. To be honest, there isn’t even 1 child want to go back to the school – almost no one!
And also through the summertime vacation the majority of boys and girls not often staying in touch with all of their good friends form class, and some of the classmates and friends can’t be in the party. Not fair! Right?
But that is the situation, and It doesn’t matter if I really want I still can’t switch the day my niece was born. Having said that what I can do is to get get for her the greatest birthday gift ever! Therefore I talked with my brother and I found out my niece really like pets or animals, and particularly strange cute ones.
So in this bday, I managed to get her an excellent amazon rainforest facts book. It’s got many of the cool details along with information on truly cool amazon rainforest animals such as the pink dolphin, the poison dart frog any many more strange looking creatures I never knew existent!
I’m sure you could think book such as this one isn’t going to be a really enjoyable gift idea for an child, but my niece definitely loved it, and mother and father are saying the child is actually reading the book every night before going to bed.
And If the girl is happy I am extremely happy. And since my niece is absolutely an awesome child I’m going to save some money and when she’ll get older I will be able to bring her with me for a enjoyable trip on the amazon river or perhaps a journey in Africa.

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