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Average grocer’s potatoes and garden grown seed potatoes carry more spores of bacteria and fungal pest infestations than high grade Scottish Basic seed potatoes. Additionally, non-certified seed potatoes can carry PCN eelworm or may perhaps be treatable with sprout suppressant that may prevent your harvest from growing properly. Mild mosaic disease happens when the aphid-transmitted Potato Virus A infects crops together with Potato Virus X

Seed potatoes offered within the European Union are classified in 3 categories:


Certified category seed potatoes aren’t produced in Scotland to lessen the potential risk of disease in Pre-Basic and Basic plants.

Basic Seed are grown from tubers that are from specialist, officially approved Pre-basic producers before being used to create the high grade Basic seed or lower grade Certified seed that is marketed to household and export trading markets, including lower class CC seed produced in England or Wales.

As a result Pre-basic Scottish seed potatoes are free from disorders and disorders such as leaf roll, severe mosaic, total virus, mild mosaic, and blackleg. By comparison, CC class seed potatoes can have any where from 2-5% of these plants affected by similar diseases.

Growing crops are supervised all through the growing season and so are formally inspected at least 2 times for virus diseases, blackleg in addition to varietal purity.

Crops are assessed for aphids and, if an aphid limit is exceeded,are subject to post-harvest tuber testing.

All consignments of tubers are officially inspected for rots, imperfections and flaws.

Only seed stocks which meet rigorous standards following crop and tuber inspections will be categorised as Scottish Pre-basic or Basic seed potatoes..

Seed potatoes are grouped into three different maturities:

  • First Early
  • Second Early
  • Maincrop

Maturity refers to when the final potato crops are ready to be harvested – all kinds are planted at the same time, and grow according to their maturity.

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