Santa Letters; Cherished Christmas Memories

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Is it time for those Santa letters to be written? About that time in November or December that children start talking about Rudolph, reindeer, Santa Claus, Christmas and the North Pole is when they start asking, “Can we write our Santa letters now”? Santa letters are one of those cherished Christmas memories of childhood.

Do you remember writing your own Santa letters when you were a child at Christmas? I do! I remember being so excited about Christmas and Santa Claus one year that I couldn’t wait to write a letter to Santa. When I begged my mom to help me write my Santa letters she sat down with me and we wrote a letter to Santa. In my Santa letters I always asked about Rudolph and the reindeer and also if my name was on his “good” list. Then my mom helped me sign my name and address my Santa letters to Santa Claus at the North Pole. I loved putting my Santa letters in the mailbox and always hoped to receive a letter back from Santa. Back when I was a child, children never received letters FROM Santa they just sent letters TO Santa. We just waited for Christmas Day and when we saw the presence we received, we figured that Santa got our Santa letters.

Boy have things changed! Nowadays children still love to write Santa letters, but they really want letters from Santa in return. But parents can put aside the stress and worry of spending hours or even days at Christmas time writing Santa letters to their children. There is a wonderful new idea on the internet that will make this year at Christmas much easier. There are websites dedicated to helping parents create personalized Santa letters. Just search for “Santa letters” on the internet and many of these sites will come up. What a Christmas gift to give yourself this year!

On these sites parents can give personalized information about their child and whatever other details they want in their Santa letters, such as answers about Rudolf, reindeer, Santa Claus, and his workshop at the North Pole. “Santa” can let your children know what they can do to be on his “good” list (parents can use all the help they can get at Christmas time!) These personalized Santa letters are perfect for any child in your family that still believes in Santa Claus. Just think, in minutes you can have wonderful, personalized Santa letters for each of your children.

Imagine the excitement you will feel as your child or children get their Santa letters out of the mailbox knowing how much they will love them! These Santa letters will make their Christmas one to remember for a long time. Your children will feel very special to receive such a personalized letter from Santa Claus himself. The Santa letters look like they come directly from Santa Claus workshop at the North Pole.

These Santa letters you create will not only make your child have a very Merry Christmas, it will also help YOU have a Merry Christmas by taking the stress out of Christmas time. Your Santa letters will help you have a peaceful, wonderful Christmas as you concentrate on spending quality time together with your children and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Santa Letters; Cherished Christmas Memories

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