Repairing Fascias And Soffits: Online Instructions

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When homeowners think of roof repairs in terms of lost or damaged tiles and even flashing which has rusted, it isn’t unusual. So many times the first part of a roof which will be in need of repair, as unbelievable as it may sound, are the fascias and soffits. Usually rotted fascias will be noticed along with paint which is peeled and you may even notice other damaged which is weather related. When this should happen, cheer up, since this is the easiest part of a roofing system for a homeowner to repair since there won’t be a need to go up on the roof. Also, it will only be necessary to have a few tools, the largest probably being a reciprocating saw.

In terms of weather-related damage, ice dams resulting from improper flashing, faulty gutters and form shingles are often the most common causes of damage to fascias. Sadly, once water has infiltrated the wood, the wood will get soggy and stay soggy and this is how rot becomes problematic. At other times, creatures building nests are the underlying cause of damage to fascias and soffits. Birds and squirrels like to chew through and are exceptionally fond of timber damaged by water since it is softer and much easier to chew as a result. Homeowners can be quite surprised when they see nests on the soffits after removing the fascias.

It is especially important to watch for bees and wasps when working on this area of roofs. There is a potential health hazard involved because they are also known to build nests in this area, typically under eaves, and of course they sting. Rather than attempting to remove the nest it is best to contact an exterminator before trying any repairs on fascias and soffits. While money can be saved through DIY fascia repairs, don’t attempt to realize a savings by tackling the nest without the help of an expert. A warning should be noted here in that the nests may not be easily spotted so if you see any wasps, hornets or bees congregating anywhere around the roof, you can be pretty sure a nest will be in close proximity.

Unless you have ever had to repair or replace damaged fascias and soffits, you may want to heed a few instructions or watch an online video or two. Most sites that sell roof repair products also have instructions to follow to make the job as easy as possible. The ultimate goal of repairing fascias and soffits yourself is obviously to save money without paying the cost of labour when calling in a professional. Just because you have never done the repairs yourself doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish it with a few tools and some handy guides.

Additionally, a source of low cost materials will be needed, as well as a few tools necessary for completing the project. A lot of people find that being able to shop online gives them the best range of prices and with sites such as, you can find even larger savings because of the low prices they offer every day. Most people who own a home would never attempt to repair a roof but they would certainly replace damaged fascias and soffits because this job isn’t as difficult or as dangerous. With a wonderful source online that also is reputed to have reliable delivery anywhere in the UK, there really isn’t a reason to look in other places. This is certainly the case when free delivery on orders above £50 is taken into consideration.

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