Raise Your Child In The Best Possible Ways

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When I was growing up I didn’t have the perfect upbringing, but no one ever really has one. But with my experience I learnt a few things about what should be done to foster a good relationship with one’s children. Much of the things I learnt were gathered from the weaknesses my parents exhibited.

The right care for a child is mainly about being there whenever your children needs your presence. If there is a sport’s or prize giving activity make sure that you make time for it. Not being there for your children builds in them a lack of companionship that should exist between parent and child.

I remember being carelessly tossed around when it came to choices that I could have made on my own. My parents were always telling me what to do and they never gave a single ear to what I wanted from life. If you want your child to be stress free you must give them the freedom to choice who they want to be and who they want to associate with. I lacked that when I grew up and as a result I lost a number of years in trying to get myself in the right track. But if they had given me the independence of choice I would have been somewhere in life.

However, a child that is told what to do instead of what they want to do will in most cases have a low self esteem. Children who are allowed to pursue their heartfelt wishes are always certain of their aspirations and they pursue them with confidence. The priceless gift you will give your child is that of belief in their potential and abilities. Without it they will struggle to enforce their presence on society. If your child wants to be a skier get them a salomon ski equipment instead of soccer boots.

In addition to this you must make sure that your child knows all they need to know about life. This is very important because without this foundational teaching they will find it hard to cope in a world where nothing is taught for free. Teach them how to be responsible; confident and how to clean even without the dyson upright vacuum cleaner. Children who don’t know much about life find certain realities shocking when they eventually start lives of their own.

Most parents treat their children with the required love and dignity, but there are some who ignore this very important part of nurturing. Don’t expect anyone to ever love your child more than you so you must make sure that you love them for as long as you live. Being violent and abusive has no benefit, if anything your children will grow up scared of interaction or even dysfunctional.

I got an extra large dog bed for my dog in spite of my disagreeing parents. Bit what I appreciated the most about the way they raised me is how they always made sure that I had everything I wanted, only when they could afford it. The happiness I derived from that is priceless and it made me the sharing person that I am today.

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