Preventing Bitterness At Home

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In life we are often faced with conflicting situations be at work, life and family relationships. The dynamics of parent-child relationship goes through a major change with time. An adolescent child goes through many alterations which is not just physical but also emotional and intellectual. And parents are required to be very careful and sensitive in dealing with children of this age group. Children have an impressionistic mindset and require to be dealt with great deal of patience and sensitivity.

An adolescent child will have many friends and tries and get to know a lot of people. As children advance in age their demand also increases which put the parents at unease as kids begin to question the rule and regulations that they are expected to follow. This leads to conflict between parent and child. However, acrimonious situations and exchange of words does not solve a conflicting problem.

Parents must practice some control and set certain boundaries for their children. But it has to be done rationally. If you think that the child need to be restrained then its best to talk the matter with them, rather than loosing cool and using verbal tribute. Always remember that teenage children constantly strive for an identity apart from their parents. At the same time they go through ranging emotions, hormonal changes, school and peer pressure. Try and empathize with them and talk to them about their on going problems and emotions as you would not want to be oblivious of it.

Parents must maintain their cool even under most agonizing situation by the virtue of being more mature in years and experience. Shouting and yelling will only make matters out of hand. Try talk to you child, and genuinely try to help them. Build a good relationship based on mutual trust and respect and your child will come seeking your advice or help at the time of need. Its best to be a close friend and confidant instead acting like a controlling parent all the time.

Parent and children get into conflict or argument and sometimes situation escalates beyond control. But even after a bad fight prepare a recovery ground. Try out different methods such as take out your child for a quite dinner and talk to them and make up. To learn more about your child’s life and feelings it is necessary to bond with them. This will help you to build a rapport with them.

Similarly there is also a need to spend time at home. Children must be encouraged to spent time with family so that better communication between family members is established. A family room or a living room is an ideal place where family members can be together. It is usually located in the centre of the room. A living room must consist of nice homely décor with comfortable furniture. The room must be properly lit and electrically safe. For all help related to electrical layout and safety electricians in Oceanside may be called. To make the room appear brighter roofers in Oceanside suggest the construction of skylight. Finally an attached bathroom can be constructed with the assistance of Oceanside plumbers to enhance the utility of the living room.

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