Precisely Why Your Gynecologist Could Possibly Give You A Hysterosalpingogram

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A hysterosalpingogram is a special method that is carried out on women to know precisely why they are having difficulties getting pregnant. A hysterosalpingogram, also referred to as a HSG test or HSG procedure, is normally carried out by placing a thin tube through the vagina right up until it makes its way into the uterus. At this point, the HSG test for infertility procedure runs by putting a special dye into this tube so that it can fill the uterus and move along in the direction of the fallopian tubes.

Precisely why a HSG test or HSG procedure is really useful is because it is able to assist a gynecologist figure out by utilizing a beam of x-ray whether or not the dye is able to pass throughout the fallopian tubes, hence displaying indications of probable blockage if there is. In fact, a HSG test for infertility could at times unblock a previously blocked fallopian tube, which is because of the pressure of the dye forcing in the tubes.

The key reason why it is essential to see whether there are obstructions in the fallopian tubes is because these obstructions can stop the egg cell from moving through the tube to go into the uterus, or, it can prevent the sperm cell from going to one of the fallopian tubes to join with the egg. A different way in which this procedure can help is by finding out if there are any other potential troubles that are preventing the fertilized egg cell from fixing itself to the uterine wall membrane.

This procedure can also be utilized to uncover abnormal shapes or structures within the uterus, or injuries such as fibroids, polyps and adhesions. Before you begin with one of these examinations, your gynecologist will first make sure that you are not currently pregnant, and you would also have to tell your medical doctor if you have any sort of pelvic infection or a sexually transmitted disease.

Your own gynecologist will also ensure that you are not allergic to iodine dye, and also any other type of significant allergy such as those which can appear from a bee sting or from ingesting jellyfish. You will probably also need to let your physician know in case you have any sort of kidney problems or if you are afflicted with diabetes. The reason for this is simply because the dye which is used in this procedure has the possibility to cause harm to the kidneys of folks that have poor kidney function. If you are a good candidate for this sort of process, then you can feel comfortable knowing that this is an extremely helpful method to know exactly why you might be having issues in having a baby.

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