Portable Solar Panels And Other Charging Solutions

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More and more people are beginning to look for alternative sources to power their electronics. Portable solar panels are a small enough investment for them to make a smaller transition as not all of them may be inclined to make a complete shift toward alternative energy. There are different price points for any budget on a wide array of available chargers in this seemingly small bracket of alternative energy resources. Models can range from $100 for a charger for portable devices, all the way up to $6,000-$7,000 that can provide anywhere up to 80-240 watts of power for several devices. Some of the larger portable solar panels are partially made from nylon which is easy to setup due to its lighter weight and flexibility but is also slightly more expensive. However if you have a tendency to move it around, it is also less susceptible to breakage that you would be a problem that you would normally encounter.

Marine applications require much more power than a solar panel is able to provide through charging. Marine batteries, whether they are deep cycle or starting marine batteries, require produce much more power and require faster charging times than solar technology would be able to collect and convert. To ensure that your ship’s engine and other essentials receive adequate power, a marine battery charger can be used especially on long extended trips. The kind of marine charger you should buy will be determined by your actual need. If you have the space ready to accommodate it, you can get an on-board charger to make it easier every time your battery needs charging. For the usually tight spaces that batteries can usually can be found in, there are portable models that can be a little cumbersome to use. Low amp chargers take much longer to fully charge your marine battery and are usually best for casual or seasonal use. High amp chargers are much faster and are able to provide a quick charge whenever needed to prevent a stoppage of on-board operations.

For those who are looking for a high quality marine charger, there are several names that can come to mind. However if you want a great feature set at prices that you wouldn’t normally find them at, then Dual Pro Chargers set the standard. Regardless of your marine battery’s starting points or sizes, a Dual Pro Charger will still be able to charge several kinds of batteries. Whether you need a powerful charger that can provide juice to several batteries at a time or just need to maintain your small on-board battery, there are different models designed for different usage profiles no matter what kind of marine application you have.

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