Planning Your Next Garage Sale: Tricks Of The Trade.

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Most people want to know ways to make a small profit every now and then. Or, you may just need to get all your things better organized..  A garage sale is a exceptional way to get both things done at one. 

If you want to have a successful one, follow these next few tips. It is best to be prepared, so start by taking the time to devise a plan. Go through every room, sort every little thing you would like to sell and arrange the items by category such as kitchenware, adult clothing, children’s clothes etc. It is important that you find a place to put these things.  It’s the easiest way to avoid the clutter. 

Also, be certain that you have enough tables and chairs.  You can borrow some from your friends and neighbors if neccessary. Chances are if people have to stoop over and rumage through boxes on your driveway, the sale won’t be a success.One of the most valuable things to do is to advertise the information about your garage sale. Place signs just about everywhere you can think of within your community and think outside the box. Check with your neighborhood coffee house, local library, theatre, supermarket or local community garden and ask if you possibly could post your sign there.

If there are apartments near your current location, ask the management if you can post a flier at the mailboxes for all the residents to see. The advertisement you distribute also is required to have the following points on it — where the garage sale is, the day and times of the sale, and a small list of things to sell. If you can, make sure to give a rain date in case the weather does not cooperate.

It is important to know how much you will ask for each thing you sell. It’s best to price things out a few days beforehand. Without the prices clearly marked, people will be constantly asking you questions, and wasting crucial time.

Another option is to designate a color for each price range.  That way buyers is likely to have an easier time deciphering the cost of each item.Sell everything you can. You’ve made the choice to sell, so why not do everything you can to do just that?  Another option is to drop the price throughout the day on specific items to move them faster[.]  If you have items that aren’t selling, it’s important to be willing to accept lower offers for them, especially if it’s something that will take up significant room in your new place when you move.  Toward the end of the day, offer ridiculously low prices if they’ll take everything. 

The thing is, you’ll get more satisfaction from giving it away than transporting it to some charity.Whatever is left over can be given to a charity. The donated things can become part of your next year’s income tax deduction.

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