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In case you watched CNN or Fox News like I did just a few evenings ago, you might need been impressed at the scholar demonstrations in France.
Both TV channels had us offered on the thought Paris was being mobbed by the indignant multitude. Footage of Mad Max-like police vans hosing thousands of protesters. Scenes of huge gatherings around Bastille square. Interviews of malcontent students. Some pyrotechnics to boot!
Though I typically journey to Paris, I stay in Florida. So I needed to wait till the following day before I could name relatives and pals in Paris. I acquired Vince first. Vince is always a dependable source, he is received the native pulse. Once I need to get the lowdown on all-issues-Paris, I get it from him first.
“Hi Vince, it is Phil. Gee, how is it as we speak? Have you ever lived by way of the night time?
“Hi man, what are you speaking about?
“Properly, I mean, the demonstrations and all. The mayhem.
“Oh yeah, so what about them?
“Nicely, I was on CNN yesterday, and they were exhibiting all this mess with the police, and students, and automobiles burning!
“Come on, man, you possibly can’t tell me nothing is going on there!
“Effectively, there was a demonstration, for sure. Students in the streets. But this was yesterday….
“You mean, it’s over?
“Certain, buddy. Guys didn’t like what the government handed over, guys acquired on the street, guys vented their anger, guys go residence and watch TV, end of story.
“Oh. However in regards to the cars torched? I mean, we noticed it on TV!
“To hell with TV! You see a couple of vehicles burning, and you suppose it is the struggle?
OK, that was Vince’s input. Type of reassuring.
Let’s ring family. I wished to talk to Lolo, my brother in law. Lolo was an army firefighter for 15 years, he is cool-calm-collected, and he’s used to assessing disasters with a cold eye.
“Lolo? Hello, it is Phil.
“Hello bro, whassup?
“Hey, I just needed to hear it from you, you recognize, about the demonstrations, and the mess in Paris.
“Yeah, that was sporty.
“You mean, they wreaked havoc in the place?
“No, I imply it was sporty to get to work on my scooter. I imply, a few of the streets near the Bastille Square were jam-packed.
“However what concerning the protests? I mean, they showed us the stuff on TV; it appeared like mayhem with the cops and their trucks!
“That was in the direction of the night, not during the day. I used to be not far from the demonstrations once they were full on. The students sure were a loud crowd, but the hosing solely began within the night, and solely lasted a couple hours.
“What concerning the vehicles burned?
“There have been a few. Less than in November, in the course of the events within the suburbs.
“Not many then. And how is it now?
“Quiet. Everybody’s home, like nothing happened.
“Do you mean the demonstrations are over?
“Sure. I rode in Paris right now, and it was business as usual.
“Is it safe for People to return? You realize I have this website,, and I give journey recommendation to people. Is it secure for them, or should I just inform my visitors to postpone their journey plans to Paris?
“It is simply as quiet right now because it was before the demonstrations. Come see your self if you don’t imagine me.”
Oh I sure believed Lolo, he having served 15 years as a firefighter in the army, and saved several lives. He used to serve in Paris too, so he is aware of the place just like the again of his hand.
But I figured: I’m not gonna risk sending the guests of my web site to Vacation spot Hell. I would like proof. Strong proof that it is all over, and there’s nothing unhealthy happening now in Paris.
So I called Serge and Tony, two mates who’re in the video business.
“Guys, could you do me a favor, and shoot a brief video for my guests, with the time and date on it? I wanna see Paris as it’s today.
Serge and Tony are very cool guys, and they sure obliged.
That is the video they despatched me:
It was shot in Paris, between 1:00 and a pair of:00 PM on April 3, 2006, in numerous nicely-identified places: under the Eiffel Tower, on the Alma Bridge, on the Champs Elysees Avenue, on Place de la Concorde, at St Germain des Pres, on St Michel Blvd, near the Cluny museum, on the Notre Dame Cathedral, on the Cite island, close to the Louvre and Orsay museums, near the Opera house, and eventually, right in the department store neighborhood.
What it exhibits is precisely how Paris is at this time. Enterprise as usual.
So how come we’ve got seen such a multitude on TV, and there appears to be no hint of it in the present day?
For one factor, student protests hardly ever last. They’re put together rapidly, and dissolve even quicker. What we noticed on CNN and other information channels was a dwell-fast-die-fast occurrence.
What’s more, TV and the information media not often report quiet endings. ‘News’ is drama, conflict, atrocities, and the like. Uneventful endings never make the news.
The student protests of March 28 had been filmed until everyone just went back home after sunset. Then they became much less newsworthy. Or so think the massive honchos at CNN, Fox Information, and the like. Do not forget of us, these guys think for y’all, the rabble. So shut up and watch.
Thirdly, the French are Mediterranean in character. An argument breaks, tempers flare quickly, chicken names are exchanged, and instantly it’s all drama…. Then things resume their common course, everyone shares a glass of wine, and the argument is soon forgotten.
The French government tried to cross a regulation which students and unions think about as a danger to job security. When the latter felt this law was compelled into their gullets with no negotiations, their mood flared, and in no time they were down within the street. But it ended simply as shortly as it all started. A flash within the pan. Within a day, it was over.
There is just one regrettable reality in this: heavy-handed, scandal-happy, conflict-loving information reporting provides us all a false impression that France is “a dangerous place to travel to these days.”
Yet, had TV cameras continued rolling and spent simply as much time displaying Parisians had returned to their peaceable lives, such impression would have been shortly dispelled for what it truly is: one hundred% false.
And so it’s the privilege of regular Joes like me and different sincere-to-God travelers to report the pleased ending: every part is okay and dandy in Paris, folks. Dwell your lives as you propose them, and in case you want to travel to France, just do not bother too much with the news.

PS– Paris is an enormous city. Demonstrations are mostly channeled along certain boulevards: Nation-to-Bastille, Nation-to-Italie, Bastille-to-Republique, and Bastille-to-Chatelet. Look them up on a map. Take a look at all of the area round these spots. Well, that is your own playground in case new demonstrations occur if you find yourself in Paris. A fact the information media conveniently omit to tell you. It would not sell.
PPS– To see the brief movie, click on here:

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