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October 27 2011No Commented

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baby thank you cards

I was wondering what kind of thank you cards I could use for my daughter’s baby shower.  Of course I wanted to show everyone how much we appreciated the gifts by sending them a note, or card, or something.  When we first went through this, almost a decade ago, we didn’t even think about looking on the Internet and just went to a local shop.  I recently have been doing more with the computer and came across some options for baby shower thank you cards. It is really fun to see what is available these days. 

One thank you card I found for baby showers was a pink one in the shape of a diaper. LOL — really cute! Another option I found were customized ones where you get to add your own text and photos.  That is a very good idea, especially if your baby shower takes place before the baby’s birth.  If you can send out baby shower thank you cards after the birth with a picture of the baby then that saves sending out an announcement.

If you’re like me, I really enjoy shopping for baby, with all the great and amazing stuff available — and I also am always amazed at home open and generous family and friends can be when a new baby is expected!  It seems that there are many cute options for baby shower thank you cards too.  It can be fun to write the thank you when the card is unique and creative.

So when I was searching I found a number of places that offered templates and ideas for baby shower thank you cards.  I just wasn’t sure about getting the picture to them. It looks like you have to email them, although I know photo books usually have some kind of upload feature.  It would be nice just to be able to design it myself by uploading a picture and using some online software. Maybe I’ll look into that next.

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