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Although my mother and grandmother live in the same home, there is plenty of space for them to have for themselves since it’s fairly large. Despite the large size of the home, my mother’s job still is pretty difficult. My grandmother’s numerous medical problems require constant attention, so she started in home care. My mother still teaches for a living and is gone for the entire day during the week and grandma was being left alone for long periods of time. Having to leave my grandmother at home while she worked all day certainly lead to a great deal of stress on my mother’s part.

My grandmother had been dealing with cancer for the better part of a decade. She is also hard of hearing and might require cataract removal surgery in the next few months. Seemingly, more and more problems develop as she gets older. Like every child who cares for their parents, my mother was having a difficult time dealing with all of the stress. Her in home caretaker does not necessarily need to be there, but it has reduced my grandma’s fear of being left alone all day. Like a lot of other seniors, my grandmother is worried about having an accident and being unable to get help when she needs it.

The in home care has really helped reduce the amount of stress that my mother experiences. Leaving my grandmother home alone all day was just asking for trouble since she’s getting more frail as each day goes by. Now, she doesn’t have to worry about her mother having an accident with no one around to assist her thanks to in home care.

There are more benefits of in home care than just reducing stress. My mother and grandmother’s relationship has improved dramatically since she is no longer stressed out all the time. As irrational as it might be, my mother was starting to get angry, not at my grandmother, but about my grandmother. My mother has been extremely worried about my grandmother and now that she has an ounce or two of that worry alleviated, she can stop worrying and continue their relationship in an unhampered manner. The stress she was experiencing was really causing problems with her attitude. Nowadays, the relationship between the two has improved considerably since there is no longer any anger or resentment that has built up. Now, my grandmother’s deteriorating health isn’t so stressful.

If someone needs help, then in home care is a great solution. But its effect on that person’s immediate family can be profound as well. If you have a loved one whose poor health or disability is starting to cause you a great deal of worry, in home care can be a great solution to many of the problems that are created. Doc No. 34Sdlhgsdl -sds

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