New Year’s Eve Parties For The Budget Minded

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New Year’s Eve is traditionally celebrated on the last day of the Western calendar year, December 31st. People around the globe flock to parties, events and social gatherings to celebrate the annual occasion and it is common to be in the mindset that you will partying until dawn as you commemorate the end of the year and ring in the New Year. New Year’s Day itself is a different sort of celebration altogether. Thus, the significance of New Year’s Eve can vary by individual. It can be a day that marks the end of a tremendous year, or a day that is significant in finalizing a troublesome year. No matter what the situation, the day calls for major celebrations and parties around the world and is observed from every country on the globe.

While New Year’s Eve parties can always commence at any point during the day, it is most commonly an evening event, with midnight signifying the most momentous hour. The countdown into the New Year is a recognized tradition that people worldwide partake in, even while observing parties from different time zones. The most popular way to ring in the New Year with a literal bang is with fireworks displays, which are prominent throughout many major cities in the world. Most major cities around the globe host vast varieties of celebrations, a large number of which are televised, to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Australia, being one of the first major cities to partake in New Year’s Eve celebrations due to time zones, hosts a large, 2 million person celebration that occurs in Sydney. The event is watched around the world, as it is the first and one of the biggest New Year’s Eve parties that is globally observed. Located among the streets lining the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney offers an outstanding fireworks display and creates a party atmosphere that is not only radically enjoyable, but usually themed, to create a fun, different atmosphere.

In England, the main parties and celebrations surround the techno-inspired landmark, the London Eye. London’s grand fireworks display is considered to be one of the world’s biggest displays on New Year’s Eve. Fireworks are launched directly from the London Eye’s wheel itself and the countdown during New Year’s Eve is based on the popular landmark, Big Ben.

New York in the United States offers one of America’s biggest and most prestigious New Year’s Eve parties on the streets surrounding Times Square. Locals and tourists flock to the Square in the early hours of the morning just to save spots for the momentous countdown event. Surrounding the famous landmark are venues that offer musical and theatrical events that occur throughout the day in celebration of the end of the year. Considered the most watched televised event, the significant 10-second countdown is the highlight of the evening, during which a Waterford Crystal-made “New Year’s Eve” ball drops during the final 10 seconds from the One Times Square Building, coming to rest at the bottom of the building at exactly 12:00 AM. Showers of glittering confetti shoot from the sky and the city rejoices as the New Year is welcomed.

Brazil’s Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro has been considered the number one location to party for New Year’s Eve. With several different stages lining the beach, three stages are dedicated to a variety of music including highly danceable Brazilian pop tunes, rock music and sexy samba beats. The spectacular fireworks display launches directly from the huge main stage and everyone is dressed in Brazilian’s traditional white for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Approximately 2 million people flood the beach during New Year’s Eve and the event is remarkably spectacular.

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