My Child Doesn’t Seem Into It

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Young children can begin training in self defense classes in Baltimore and other locations as young as three years old. Many martial arts schools have Brazilian jiu jitsu programs for children in which children learn simple punches, kicks, take downs, guard controls, and other techniques. As the children grow older, the teachings will become more complex.. Just because children are not comfortable in their first few classes does not mean that they will not learn the techniques especially at that young age..

Many young children attend their first class and want to cling to their parents, which can sometimes discourage the parents and make them feel as though martial arts aren’t right for their child. Simply put – not true!. If you take your child to their first self defense class and they cling to you, it is not because it’s a martial arts class, it’s because it’s something new. The reactions will differ from child to child depending on their personality, but there is no reason to feel off put and stop taking them to classes. The only way for the child to develop a rapport with the other students and the instructors is to be exposed to them class after class..

This progression may occur slowly, but it will happen. For example, on their first class maybe they will only take part in the warm up, then in the next class they engage in the warm up and one of the techniques being taught. With each class children will feel more comfortable to take part in more and more. Parents often stress out too much about their child not performing the techniques that are taught perfectly – remember, practice will make perfect!.

Brazilian jiu jitsu is based upon many similar movements of the body, so with each class children are building a core set of movements to progress from. In addition, movements in jiu jitsu need to be drilled over and over for them to become part of muscle memory. At my Columbia MD Kickboxing school, children’s classes generally focus on about three techniques a month, and over that time span children receive lots of time to drill their moves. Children can’t be expected to perform perfectly in their first few classes, but in time they will feel comfortable and show great progression.

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