Mothers Day Is Celebrated Around The Globe

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In spite of it seeming as if Christmas were just recently was here, we’re already coming up on Mother’s Day in America: This special holiday will take place on the second Sunday in May. But people in the USA aren’t the only ones who enjoy Mother’s Day on that Sunday. Taiwan, Ecuador, Tonga, Brazil, Turkey, Uganda, Malaysia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and many others also do.

That’s quite possibly why, starting in March or April, so many folks go online looking for vintage Mother’s Day cards, Mothers Day clip art and Mothers Day certificates. Not all children have the money to buy Mother’s Day gifts, so these freebies can come in pretty handy. (In reality, however, there’s a bit of work and talent involved with making something out of the vintage Mothers Day cards and clip art. So those might be a little more difficult to use unless you’re a crafty type person. The free holiday gift certificates are a piece of cake though. Just print, sign and give them to Mom.)

May Isn’t the Only Month in Which Mom is Celebrated

There are also many other countries that celebrate Mother’s Day, just not in May. The following international locations also have some form of Mother’s Day holiday celebration:

  • Greece: February 2
  • Norway: The second Sunday in Feb.
  • Isreal: It’s celebrated on Shevat 30, which falls between January 30 and Mar. 1
  • Georgia (the country): March 3
  • Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Laos, The Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia and Serbia: Mar. 8
  • Ireland, Nigeria and the United Kingdom: The 4th Sunday during Lent
  • Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and most Arab League countries: Mar. 21
  • Slovenia: Mar. 25
  • Armenia: April 7
  • Nepal: April 24 (plus or minus five days)
  • Hungary, Lithuania, Mozambique, Portugal, Macao and Spain: First Sunday in May
  • El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico: May 10
  • Paraguay: May 15
  • Poland: May 26
  • Bolivia: May 27
  • Algeria, Dominican Republic, France (1st Sunday in June if Pentecost falls on this day), French Antilles (The first Sunday in June if Pentecost comes on this day), Haiti, Mauritius, Morocco, Sweden and Tunisia: Last Sunday in May
  • Nicaragua: May 30
  • Luxembourg: Second Sunday in June
  • Kenya: Last Sunday in June
  • Thailand: August 12
  • Belgium and Costa Rica: August 15
  • India: August 19
  • Malawi: The second Monday in October
  • Belarus: October 14
  • Argentina: The third Sunday in Oct.
  • Russia: The final Sunday in November
  • Panama: December 8
  • Indonesia: Dec. 22

There are also variations of Mother’s Day, called Parents’ Day, which is celebrated on May 8 in Albania and South Korea, and The Mothers and Children’s Day, which is celebrated in Mongolia on June 1.

It’s pretty glaring that the desire to honor Mother is a pretty common one, given that essentially every country on the planet has some form of Mother’s Day celebration. It’s heartwarming to know that even people in lands that may seem like adversaries to us have the common bond of paying respect to the women who gave birth to them.

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