Moon In My Room, A Unique And Educational Toy

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moon in my room


The Moon in My Room is the coolest nightlight ever made! It’s not only a toy for children but a excellent educational tool. With the Moon in My Room from Uncle Milton, kids can often go asleep quickly. It is allowed for a few groups of children who cannot sleep or are afraid of the dark, monsters, etc.

Moon in My Room is one of the best selling toys for kid who is 3 years or up. Let your child discover the enjoyable facts about the moon while seeing the moon hangs on your wall and shines moonlight tonight! It’s not only a toy for children but a excellent educational tool.

If you are a science teacher, this toy could be your great teaching instrument to show the activity of the moon exactly to your students. Some teachers have started using the Moon in My Room in the classroom to teach their students in a new fun exciting way. I even heard of a Professor who applied it to teach his college students.

Milton Moon in My Room

This moon is not just some sticker that you place on your ceiling which emits icky green light at night. It also won’t be impossible to remove with no having to repaint your entire ceiling. This moon is a 3-D replica of the real thing which you can opt to hang on your wall. It has a slightly textured surface and it emits a white light, giving the illusion that it truly is the moon.

Its also gives a peaceful white great effect that shifts between the 12 levels of the moon. You can opt to keep the switching of these levels on manual mode, or you can shift it automatically. it’s all possible if you want to sleep with a quarter moon one night and a full moon the next.

The moon turns off automatically after a certain time in order to save on power. It additionally comes with an audio CD that contains a 15 minute lecture on the moon. Sleep soundly at night and impress your friends at the same time with the only night light that’s out of this world- the Moon in My Room.


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