Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

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Who doesn’t know the song “Five Little Monkeys”? If you are familiar with that cut song “Five Little Monkeys”? them you probably envision crazy naughty monkeys that are still quite cute and cuddly. Most babies and toddlers could get into all sorts of scrapes if left on their own devices, anyway. So, I am sure they sort of remind you of those five mischievous little monkeys in the song. The great thing about monkey baby shower invitations is that they can work both as baby shower invitations for boys and baby shower invitations for girls.~Monkey themed baby shower invitations are the perfect baby shower theme because they are unisex.

The Advantages of Using Monkey-Themed Baby Shower Invitations

Monkey baby shower invites are unisex. So, even if you or the mother to be have chosen not to find out what your baby’s gender is which is old fashioned but popular, you can still use this theme for your baby shower.  Guests will be very curious and may look for clues as to what your baby’s gender is. You may also choose to pull the colors of the invitations with monkeys such as the brown and green for the rest of your baby shower decorations and centerpieces such as the diaper cakes and banners. The monkey themed baby shower invitation also expresses vigor, excitement, and health which is of course wished for the bundle of joy on the way. Baby shower invitations with monkeys are truly appropriate if the mother to be is regularly feeling strong kicks which may mean a strong personality from the unborn child.


Emphasizing the the babies gender with Monkey Baby Shower Invitations


By using the monkey baby shower theme you have the potential to keep the baby shower gender neutral to be used at a baby shower where even the parents to be may not be aware of the babies sex. If you are expecting a little girl, you can emphasize the monkey’s gender with a ribbon. The monkey baby shower invitations may also have a pink background. If you are expecting a boy, you can add a cap on the monkey. Your monkey baby shower invitations can use a blue background. 


They Can Still Be Unique


With all the little monkeys jumping around in the baby shower invitations, you may wonder if your invites are no longer unique. What makes invitations with monkeys is what you add to it that comes from your own personality.  Newborn babies are traditionally expected to be bouncy and full of energy but what do you expect from your baby? You have passed through the mothers belly to feel the unborn child. What are your wishes for your baby? You can write those inscriptions in the form of prose or poetry. If not, you can just invite people to share in your joy. You can use templates or your own words. You can choose the combination of colors, the texture and quality of paper, the content and a whole lot of other aspects. Your baby shower invitations will be transformed from just a set that feature monkeys to a set that feature your dreams and expectations.

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