Mom Planner – The Importance Of Spending Time With Other Moms

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Parenting is one of the hardest jobs . Together with the unbelievable joy and delight parenthood brings, it is very commonplace to experience lack of sleep, swings in mood, exhaustion, disappointment, doubt and being overpowered with the responsibilities which have been placed on you. Having “sleep training for babies” in place will provide a better sleeping pattern for you and your baby which in turn will look after some of your exhaustion.Importantly though moms need time to themselves.

Finding time to escape the role of mom, partner, cook or housekeeper is critical in reducing mental strain, feeling refreshed and having time to think and adapt to your new role.

In the early weeks and months, a major cause of physical stress among parents is most often exhaustion, lack of exercise and irregular meals. Even with enough time to rest, handling the neverending cycle of feeding, bathing and changing babies as well as attempting to run a household is challenging. Attempting to do all this while your own physical needs aren't being met makes it worse.

Socializing with other moms is the MOST BENEFICIAL step you can take. Great for you and great for your little one.

Babies are very portable and usually happy to sleep anywhere. New mums should take advantage of this fact and get out whenever they can. This is a great habit to start early on as your baby will get comfortable with sleeping in different environments making your life way easier.

When beginning a family many mothers find that their friendship circle changes. As a new mom your life suddenly revolves around your baby and you may not have as much in common with your childless friends as you used to.

Making new friends may not be easy but most communities have playgroups which welcome new moms. If you don’t know of any ask around, look up the web or contact your local Council. Most playgroups run on weekdays so it does not take away from family time.

Even though the effort of leaving the house may appear too much, spending time with other parents who share the same interests is a fantastic way to gain confidence, get ideas, help you to recognize your fears and concerns aren’t unique and have someone to talk to who will recognise and appreciate how you feel.

I can’t emphasize how important it is to for you to have time with other moms. Make the time – you’ll benefit more than you realize.

Ngaire Moulds, mother of 4, has 20 years ‘ experience bringing up children. Having had 4 children under 5 and now the mother of 4 teens she knows the value of “baby management” -spending time with her children as well as meeting her own needs. As her children became more independent she also gained childcare qualifications and worked for a couple of years in this field. Visit her website routines for babies for practical ideas to help you manage your time.

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