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Assisted living Seattle’s memory care program is designed to stimulate all of the senses, offer a structured atmosphere, and bring a sense of normalcy to our own residents who are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and also other dementias. Serving as primary caregiver to a family member that is dealing with Alzheimer’s can be challenging and particularly agonizing.  These kinds of special care settings provide a carefully developed type of Alzheimer’s assisted living in which we provide housing, supportive services and care to those who need it. We assist elderly people who may have memory problems and offer the Alzheimer’s and dementia care they will need to guarantee quality of life.


When a loved one is afflicted with Alzheimer’s or dementia, the alternatives confronting his/her family members are frequently mind-boggling. Frequently, the initial option is to provide care to his/her in the home, as ease and comfort is most important. An Alzheimer’s care unit, also known as a Memory care unit, has the capacity to provide medical treatment as well as care around the clock. Memory care units are usually housed in nursing homes which are found near assisted living facilities, while others can be found inside assisted living communities.


Working with and taking care of those who have dementia calls for special knowledge. Our workers are carefully picked and trained to understand and manage the unique issues associated with Alzheimer’s as well as dementia care. They’re also compassionate, understanding and artistic. In case you have a loved one with memory impairment, our Alzheimer’s and dementia care homes can provide the care they need. Our expert team is dedicated to maintaining the pride and individuality of every single resident. They create personalized programs with multi-sensory experiences, day-to-day exercise and trips, group activities as well as regular contact with kids and pets, according to what benefits each individual senior. The physical health and well-being of occupants is also checked, with nutritious daily meals and snacks, and a hydration program which ensures residents drink beneficial amounts of water and juice every day.


In order to help deal with the unique requirements of residents experiencing memory loss and cognitive decline they look for possibilities to help residents succeed at familiar chores, perhaps simple things like making the bed or even baking a sheet of cookies. Learning the needs of seniors as well as their specific personalities is key, so that the team may help make conditions in which residents really feel safe, secure and engaged.  Offering a resident-centered program designed to fulfill the particular needs of those with various levels of dementia. It offers daily structure seven days each week to help keep up with the resident’s abilities and encourage the use of their own remaining skills.


Safety is extremely important in Alzheimer’s Seattle assisted living units. They are made to protect residents from roaming and misunderstanding linked to one’s surroundings. Memory units include safety features such as locks on windows and secured doors, a clutter-free environment, low staff-to-patient ratios, and staff trained in Alzheimer’s care. Behavior management is essential too, and must be targeted at folks experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s. Finally, an active calendar with “no fail” activities is important, building on people’s strengths. With these ways, an Alzheimer’s care unit is usually better equipped to adequately give care to someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s than in one’s home.


























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