Making A Beautiful Garden With Beautiful Plants

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With beautiful plants, you can make a beautiful garden, and some of these plants which are a favourite with gardeners all over the UK are Begonias, Geraniums, and Lavenders. The geranium plant is perfect for patio containers, hanging baskets, and is hardy and tough, and has around 420 species, the plant consists of annuals, biennials, and perennials, and in particular the Geranium Rozanne is a perennial plant and was selected as the Perennial Plant of the year 2008. For people who also want to know something about the railway sleepers, the crushed shell or the supplies of Bark, you can turn to a gardener for advice.

This plant was discovered by Donald and Rozanne Waterer, in Somerset (England) during the year 1989, and is said that these plants originated from the seeds collected by the Waterers from two geraniums growing side by side in their garden, and once the seeds grew the plant with bluish-purple flowers was good to be noticed. Compared to others, they were tougher with prolific blooms, even the foliage was different and beautiful, and this plant was named geranium rozanne and was identified as a cross between Geranium Himalayans and Geranium wallichianum and was introduced to the public for the very first time during the 2000 Chelsea Flower Show.

Gardeners just love the begonia plant; the flowers vary according to height, colour, and habitat. The leaves of begonia plants are asymmetrical and the flowers are unisexual, the male and female flowers grow on the same plant. Begonia plants do not need full and direct sun, they need plenty of sunlight that is filtered, having said that if they get insufficient sunlight, their stems grow slowly leading to fungal growth, and thus it is necessary to keep them near the windows so that they receive adequate sunlight. These plants need soil that is rich in nutrients. Acidic soil can be best for the begonia plant which has lower pH levels. What works best for these plants is a mixture of heavy soil, peat moss, manure, some people prefer adding light medium of soil such as sand to their potted mixture.

It is vital to monitor the dampness of the potted begonia plant, too much water will rot the roots, too little will leave the plant dry and wither it, the best way to judge when the plant needs water is to stick your finger in the soil and if there is no dampness felt, it is time to water the plant. Begonia plants make your garden look more beautiful with their flowers and what a stunning sight when they are fully bloomed, is it any wonder that these plants are a favourite for your own pleasure and as a gift to someone special.

Another favourite among gardeners for the heavenly smell and their attractive flowers is the Lavender plant; this plant can give a truly beautiful look to a landscape or a garden. Lavender or Lavendula is actually a genus of mostly perennial flowering plants, which are native to the Mediterranean region, India and tropical Africa, but of course grow beautifully in an English garden.

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