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Often cold and dark, December is the perfect time for a holiday. There are more than just the standard holidays this year. December includes lots of holiday seasons. No matter what your social or religious views, you can celebrate something. The December holidays 2010 list has something for everybody. Resource for this article – List of December Holidays 2010 by Money Blog Newz.

Dec holidays 2010 which are a month long

This year, there could be many month-long celebrations. Dec Holiday seasons can be doing this. December is Universal Human Rights Month, a calendar month to recognize and work toward human rights for all. December is also Safe Toys and Gifts Month. During the calendar month, thousands of toys are received and given. That makes December the perfect time for this. In December, a list of unsafe toys is released. This is so when buying presents, only safe toys will hopefully be bought.

Nonreligious December holidays 2010

The first day of December is World AIDS day. The day is there so many could be more aware of the AIDS infections. Also, many will look for treatment because of this day. There is another holiday Dec 1. It is National Pie day of course. National Fritters day is recognized December 2 while National Cookie Day is recognized Dec 4. National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is celebrated on December 7. December 2010 could be the 69th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Don’t forget Dec 8 either. National Brownie Day is one of the best. Dec. 17 is both Wright Brothers Day and Pan-American Aviation Day, a celebration of the 107th anniversary of the first flight of Orville and Wilbur Wright. If you feel like being a bit odd, Dec. 18 is National Wear a Plunger on your Head Day. Dec. 21 is Forefather’s Day, as well as National Humbug Day and Look at the Bright Side Day.

2010 December religious holiday seasons

On sundown on Dec. 1, Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, begins. In Dec 2010, the Islamic New Year celebration will start. This is going to be on Dec 7, or for the Islamic calendar, 1432 AH. Catholics and other Christians will celebrate on December 8 with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. December 21 can be when the celebration of turning seasons, or the Winter Solstice, can be recognized. December 23 is when Festivus, a Seinfeld holiday, will start. A Saturday could be when December 25 falls this year. That is Christmas Day of course. You will start the seven day Kwanzaa celebration in December. The 16th will start this. All in all, Dec Holidays 2010 pack the month full of reasons to celebrate.

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