Letter To Santa: A How To Guide

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Writing a Santa letter. This is a step by step “how to” guide of how to write your letter to Santa Claus. But first we will talk about the importance of writing Santa a letter and why you will want to do it right. When writing Santa Claus, there are only a couple reasons why you would be doing it. First, would be to tell Santa that you are grateful for what he has given you in the past. And second, it is to tell Santa Claus what it is you want for Christmas this year. This makes the Santa letter very important. You want a good balance of being grateful, but also telling Santa exactly what it is you want for Christmas, because he will never know what you want for Christmas unless you tell him.

First step in writing a Santa letter is to get the items you will need. Such as a paper, pen, crayon or pencil, an envelope and a stamp. The great thing about a Santa letter is it does not really matter on what you use to write with. You can choose to write with different colored crayons if you would like. You can use your favorite pen. Same goes with the paper and envelope. You can have colored paper for your envelope or plain white. Santa will love it just as much either way. But if you are going to go the colored route, I would suggest using either red or green. I have heard it said that red and green are Santa Claus’ all time favorite colors.

Now that you have all your items gathered. You will want to start writing the actual Santa letter. This will consist of addressing Santa Claus, thanking Santa Claus and then ending with your name. When you are addressing Santa, you don’t need to put address him as “Father Christmas” because that is a bit to formal for your letter. Preferably address him by saying “Dear Santa” or maybe “Dear Santa Claus”.

The most important part of the Santa letter is the body of the letter. What you say in this will reflect a lot on how naughty or nice you are. You want to first thank Santa for everything he has already done for you and for children everywhere. You will then want to tell Santa what it is you want for Christmas. Then conclude your letter with “Sincerely, (then your name)”. A colorful drawing of something to do with either Santa or Christmas will be a good thing to add to the end of your Santa letter.

Now that you have finished writing your Santa letter. You will want to put it in your envelope. You will then write Santa Claus’ mailing address in the middle of the envelope. You will want to write, Santa Claus, Santa Claus House, Sugar Cane Lane, North Pole. Then put on your stamp in the top right hand corner of the envelope. And The last step you need to take on your santa letter is put your address in the top left hand side and then put it in the mail box to send off to Santa!

Letter to Santa: A How to Guide

The most important part of the Santa letter is the body of the letter. What you say in this will reflect a lot on how naughty or nice you are. You want…. Learn more at santa letter and santa claus letters

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