Learning To Fly RC Mini Helicopters

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Rc vehicles have been in existence for years and they are always tons of fun to play with. But Radio controlled Small Helicopters could possibly be the greatest in soaring excitement.

Automobiles and other vehicles dash all over on the ground and make for a few good laughs, but a hovering little r / c control heli-copter is certainly exciting and fun all at once! Imagine your small copter hovering around above everyone’s head, dipping and swirling. The challenge when it comes to brand new Radio control mini helicopter buyers is usually not having enough expertise. Should you go on a buying spree without having been properly knowledgeable your very first copter accident is often an costly accident.


First thing you might want to think about is employing a chopper flight simulator if this is the first radio control flying experience. There are various simulators you can test from the comfort of your home computer that will show you in a hurry if the hobby is an activity you will have fun with. At the same time, you will be getting some much-needed flying experience and none of your accidents will cost you a dime in fixes. Sooner or later you’ll fly your very own radio control plane and one accident or perhaps two is inevitable, nevertheless , you can find out the perfect spots in order to fly and skill to reduce both occurrences as well as problems.

Chopper Power

Now that you have had some time to get comfortable with the idea of Radio control mini helicopters along with other flying products maybe you want to look around. You should know there are several kinds of RC  helis  on the market using unique  energy  sources .

There are  3  major  motor  kinds , normal  electric, nitro and turbine powered . Each of these  needs some sort of  unique  type of  fuel  and as you upgrade  them, each one  offer  faster rates of speed  with the turbine currently being  the granddaddy of them all. You should know  that when you switch  from electric  to nitro and then  turbines you’re  upgrading  swiftly  in cost . Several of the  fancier turbine motors  can run a  cold  $5,000! Certainly not  a purchase  you’ll want to take  lightly or make when just beginning .

First Flight Protection

When you   think  comfortable  that you know  a little  about flying and now have  bought  your first  standard Radio controlled  little  helicopter , (should be  electric for beginners ) it’s time to  think about a few  preflight measures . It is very  simple to  create  your very own  installable protective  landing gear. All you need is  a couple of dowel supports  and tennis balls. These supports  need to be  about four  foot  long , depending on the  dimensions of  your first  copter. Bore  openings  in each one of the  4  tennis, or similar, balls about half of the  way through. At this point  place the  balls over the  ends of your  four-foot dowel rods . Crisscross the rods  and then  connect  these to  the  rc mini chopper    gear . Now if  you crash you are going to  limit  the damage to your  chopper .

And So…

There’s a lot  of thinking that  enters into  owning  and piloting  a  Radio control  mini heli-copter . You should know  a few things  about the various kinds of  machines , have a  little bit of  experience  flying and be willing to  adopt  safety measures  to prevent  crashes . As time passes , you’ll learn  a lot more  regarding the  models  and what makes them tick , but in the meantime  get out and experience  life  while  terrorizing the neighbor’s kitty !



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