Knowing What To Get Your Family For Christmas

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I’m going to stay with my brother this Christmas. We don’t see each other very often at all so choosinggifts for him is problem since I have no notion of what he wants or what he might already have. Tricky.I don’t go and see my family very much as they moved out to the country years ago and I never felt much like learning to drive. If there isn’t an underground station nearby then I don’t want to go there! So there they are, out in the back of beyond without any public transport and I’ve finally buckled under their pressure and I’m going to have Christmas with my family. I’m not looking forward quite frankly! I have nothing against my family but since they moved I don’t see that much so I don’t really know them very well. They might be my closest family I have but I barely know them any more, what they like, what they hate, thinking of Christmas gift ideas should be a right hoot! Some people buy the best, most obscurebirthday presents that you may never have thought of by yourself. My old girlfriend sent me a kilo of beans once, she lives in America so I think the shipping cost more than $30 when the beans them selves cost 99cents. I’ve also had a small plasticine dragon for nearly 20 years which I was given and comedy lips made out of cherry scented wax that I believe may be banned in the UK as a major choking hazard.

That’s the thing with birthday presents, you can either get some-one exactly what they want which is more than welcome to them but lacks imagination, or you can get them something that you think they’ll really enjoy which often turns out much more fun. Getting some-one the opposite of what they think they want is always fun and might even start a brand new hobby. Your loud mouthed cousin might be in deep yearning for a creative outlet for his rage, why not see if an embroidery set will soothe his savage brow? You never know, do you?

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