Keeping Sanity While Traveling With Kids

December 30 2010No Commented

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When planning to take your kids along on a road trip it is important to plan ahead. 

Making plans, getting a rental car and getting packed can take a toll on a parent, and before you start making considerations for the younger travelers.  Before hitting the road, it is very important to plan ahead – or it may be your kids’ last road trip. 

Buy a backseat cover if you are going to take a rental car.  I am sure the backseat of your car is covered with candy and goo and you certainly would not like to turn the backseat of this car into the backseat of your car. 

Not only would it be embarrassing, but more than likely it would cost you some cleaning fees.  Backseat covers are fairly inexpensive to buy and there are tons of types.  However, if money is an issue, you can cover the backseat with an old sheet or blanket.  You will be very happy you did, and so will the rental car guy that doesn’t have to clean up after your kids. 

If the car does not come with a DVD player in the back, bring one.  You may not want your kids zoned into the TV every day, but on a road trip you will.  TV doesn’t tend to make kids as sick as books or puzzles can; besides I am sure you have plenty of movies at home that they love. 

Hop out and move around every couple of hours despite the gas level.  Kids do better if they can get out and do something.  Let them run around, take them for a walk or find a pretty place to take some scenic photos. 

Inactivity is what gets to kids on a road trip.  Exercise is a great way to get your kids to not hate the car or the trip (as much). 

Keep drinks to a minimum.  If you let your kids drink whenever they want, you will find yourself stopping every 15 miles for a restroom break. 

Since you are already stopping every few hours for a stretch, give them drinks then – this will help keep their bathroom breaks timed to your stretch stops. 

You know your kids best and what the best time to give them a drink is to make it work with the planned stops.  These tips will make travelling with kids easier, but they won’t make it easy. 

A kid with plenty to do, no rental car mess to show-off in the end and dry pants makes for happy parents. 

Happy trails! 

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