Is It Safe For A Woman To Continue Exercising When Pregnant?

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Pregnant women have all heard the advice: Get as much rest as practicable but is that really good advice? The result of many clinical research studies have shown that in truth women should do quite the opposite. In most cases, women should keep going with their day-to-day activities and, after consultation with their doctor, even begin a regular daily fitness program.

Exercise during pregnancy has many constructive effects. It will give you more energy and staying power, raise your confidence, and give you the extra strength useful during delivery. Studies imply that a regular exercise program during pregnancy may produce a more healthy and stronger baby and, as an added bonus, reduce the time taken to complete delivery by about a 3rd.

While exercise will be helpful during pregnancy you should always talk to your doctor prior to starting any exercise regime. Assuming your doctor gives you the OK remember to always start out slowly. Try several activities and don't try to perform very strenuous exercises. Find some exercises or activities you enjoy and do them regularly. If you begin to feel exhausted or worn out, stop exercising right away.

Try to avoid exercising at high altitudes, in intense humidity, or in particularly warm temperatures. Overexertion isn't useful to you or your baby and it might actually cause harm. Be certain that you drink a suitable quantity of water to keep yourself well hydrated. When in your last trimester, try avoiding any rebounding, jumping, or running. These activities can most likely cause injury to you or your unborn child.

Pregnancy causes many physical, psychological, and emotional changes for a woman. Exercise will help you to cope with these changes and allow your pregnancy to be a more pleasurable experience. Whether you were sufficiently lucky to conceive a baby boy or baby girl, your newly born child will certainly thank you.

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