Is It Right For Us To Be Using Nuclear Power?

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Many people think that using Nuclear power is going to do some the world good by reducing C02 emissions but this is simply not true. There are of course many arguments for and against?

There Is Not A Chance Of Spillage

According to many governments there is a very tiny chance of a leak every happening thanks to inventions such as measurement level. This actually sets off an alarm when the waste is getting too much which means it is almost impossible for a leak to occur. Someone will always be around to respond to the alarm which means the accident is never there to happen.

Do We Need The Power?

One of the things that needs to be asked here is, do we really need to rely on nuclear power at all? Well the fact is only 4% of the power we need comes from nuclear energy which of course means surely there is another way to get this power? Greenpeace and other similar organisations will of course say that we can use great renewable energy sources like the sun, wind and tides, is this a good thing though? Wind turbines are very noisy and are a bit eyesore but the main thing is that they are better than nuclear power that’s for sure. Is this something we want tourists to see as they are flying in?

They should not allow any more nuclear plants to open but I do not see why they should even bother trying to close the current ones they have all of the solids level switch and ultrasonic level controls that they need and for a disaster to happen the government would be in deep, deep trouble so I am almost certain that will not happen.

More plants will actually mean the country is more open to be hit by terrorists and a nuclear meltdown could kill hundreds of people.

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