Is It Best To Buy Or Rent A Stairlift?

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Hiring Stairlifts pays enormous dividends simply by reducing the upfront costs concerned. No enormous outlay is necessary compared with purchasing a new or refurbished Chairlift. If one was to get a Stair lift outright the entail cost would be in the thousands.

To rent a Stairlift a tiny deposit or installation charge is the sole payment needed to get you active you might say. Stairlift rentals can be obtained from many manufacturers ‘ providers but take note! Most firms only offer straight Stairlift rental plans.

Curved Stair lift Rentals are much tougher to find due to curved Stairlifts being bespoke design. Each curved rail will be custom-made for each individual staircase. That is the reason why not many suppliers offer curved Chairlift Rental plans.

If your staircase is straight with no curves or quarter landings then you’re home and dry. If the latter you have got the freedom to select from a massive selection of makers and models with diverse price plans to suit all budgets

As well as reducing the overall upfront costs leasing a Stairlift basically means one does not need to worry about breakdown charges and regular service maintenance contracts which can on occasion be very pricey as well as frustrating

One should keep in mind the rental Stairlift supplied might not be brand new but that does not mean the Chairlift shouldn’t be in pristine condition and be reliable. It is often good procedure to ask the rental supplier how old are the rental items being offered for lease and are they modern slim-line types with mobility battery back-up in the event of a power outage failure

The best part about leasing Stairlifts is when you no longer need the unit you simply contact the supplier and ask them to remove it. The removal costs should be free bear in mind not all firms offer free removal

If not find another provider who will be prepared to perform the removal and this price should have been included in the installation fee at the start of the rental process. Remember you’re the paying customer so don’t be fobbed off.

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