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The responsibility of a man in a family does no end with just being the bread earner or provider of the house. In every urban homes both husband and wife are working in effort to give a secured future to their children and family. A mother is traditionally seen to be the care giver of the family. But a dad’s role or responsibility is equally siginificant for a child’s well being and sound development.

To see you child grown in front of you is the most enchanting experience for parents. Mothers are seen as someone affectionate, motherly and warm. But a father is the pillar of support and a child always looks up to him. Research has proven that children’s whose both parents are equal participant in raising them grow to become responsible and capable adults.

In modern society a father has to be an equal participant is raising a child. He has to be there during important event of his child’s life and accompany his children to mall, park, school etc. The role of a father begins long before the child is born, right at the time of inception. As a caring husband and the father of the child he is expected and must accompany his wife to all the doctors’ visit and appointment.

Work and other responsibilities limits the time he would want to spent time with his children. But through efficient time management these obstacles may be overcome.

Try and figure out ways to spent time with your child, even when your schedule is packed with work. Try reading bed time stories to your child, which is an excellent way to communicate and connect with them. For teenage kids, plan a small holiday like a camping trip so that its gives to the opportunity to bond with them.

To start with the bed time story telling ritual it is necessary to create a perfect ambience in your child’s bedroom. Ensure that your child has washed up and is wearing clean clothes. It is important to teach your child the importance of personal care and hygiene. All provisions in the bathroom must be child friendly and well secured. The faucets and plumbing line should not have any problem. Therefore call the plumbers in Huntington Beach for general maintenance and to determine the bathroom secured for young children. The whole idea behind bed time stories is to help the child sleep. Therefore the lights in the room must not be very bright and at the same time not too dim which will make the reading very impossible. The lights should be subtle to create the perfect mood for a nice story telling session. Get in touch with electricians in Huntington Beach for the right kind of lighting solution for your child’s room. The child’s room must also be well ventilated. There should be circulation fresh air so that you child sleeps in a pristine environment. Therefore do not hesitate in having a roof ventilator or skylight made in the bedroom. Call the trusted roofers in Huntington Beach for the same.

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