If You're An Older Employee You Will Have Been Subjected To Age Discrimination At Work

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If you live in the State of California it's great to understand that it's actually illegal to be discriminated against or stressed, if you are above the age of 40. Similar to race and gender, age is also a protected class.

The Age Discrimination In Employment Act (ADEA) was put in place to guard individuals who are forty years old or above from discrimination in the work place. Employers are not authorized to be prejudiced against any individual because of his/her age with respect to any rights of employment such as hiring, firing, benefits, job assignments, promotion, apprenticeships, compensation, redundancies and training. ADEA applies to firms that employ more than twenty folks.

If you should happen to feel that you were passed over for promotion because of your age, or weren't given the level of training on a new computer, that your younger opposite numbers had, then you may very well have a case for discrimination and you'd be suggested to seek the information of Los Angeles labor attorneys who specialise in hanmdling discrimination at workplace lawsuit.

Notwithstanding hefty penalties that generally result from age discrimination cases, corporations still don’t appear to ‘get it ‘ and age discrimination complaint files continue to rise.

Examples of illegal practices that could merit a successful discrimination law case include:

  • getting a younger job candidate rather than giving the job to a rather more experienced older employee, simply because the candidate was younger
  • rejecting an older worker a promotion, and getting a younger worker instead
  • refusing older employees coaching or academic classes which are offered to younger employees
  • blatantly advertising for college graduates for a job, or specifying qualified workers who fall into a certain age band
  • alienating the older worker by discussing work after hours at a meeting at a bar or club to which the older worker isn't permitted to attend, making snide remarks or jokes about the older worker and finally, continually giving an older employee unattractive jobs that no-one wants to do
  • putting in a place a system of redundancies, which even though it doesn’t have a discriminatory intent, applies proportionately more to older workers
  • taking part in certain acts which are deliberately built to force the older worker to quit

If any of these above actions have occurred to you or a friend or family member, then a labor attorney, who's experienced in this field, can step in and fight your corner, if indeed you have a case to respond.

Though you are aging but you've got the strength to work then you shouldn't be deprived by the age discrimination in your workplace. Let an employment attorney Los Angeles help you ways to defend yourself in an age discrimination legal action. Read on the article of Marinelle Davenport to learn more.

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